About Choppy Air

My flight was awful (or great)! But mine was worse (or better) than yours! This is a common comparison experience between people who feel an incessant desire for one-upmanship on who had it worse or better up in the air or on the ground. Unfortunately, unpleasant sentiments have been steadily increasing since September 11, 2001. On the other hand, there are times when flying is downright pleasant and these experiences often go unshared.  Oftentimes passengers do not understand the points of view from others behind the counter, on the other side of the screening area, or in the aircraft seat next to them. Professional pilots, private pilots, astronauts, airline/airport personnel, and military personnel (aircrew or non-aircrew) also need to share their viewpoints.

Choppy Air is a compilation of real airplane stories, both good and bad (but hopefully mostly good), from passengers, airline employees (including pilots, flight attendants, and ground personnel), security agents (TSA), airport personnel, military personnel (flight crew members and passengers), and private pilots. The stories cover the wide spectrum of human emotions, such as exhilaration, intrigue, romance, excitement, joy, sadness, disappointment, frustration, fear, boredom, quiet reflection, and peacefulness. Some stories originate from the author but most are solicited by the author on her website. Online readers will be able to identify with, understand, learn from, and appreciate the experiences of others, and some will be compelled to share their ideas to one-up the others with their unique twists. Airport and airplane slices of life are part of the American experience and most Americans can relate to the emotions felt in and around airplanes. This is their chance to rant and rave. If the Wright Brothers could only see us now!